Watch market through multiple eyes !

The purpose of the training is to educate you enough trading knowledge so that you can trade on your own, just with the setups in the training.
The training make you autonomous in your trading!
It is readable in 4 hours but everyone won’t assimilate all knowledge within the training on their first reading. Trading is a field where practising is as important as knowledge.

A solid community is important. Since all student have the same knowledge with the same training. We will be able to help each other by validating if the shared setup correspond accordingly to the one in the training. And most importantly we will be a group of people watching the same product to detect any setups given in the training. You won’t be alone, watch market through multiple eyes !


There will be different sections and different channels under each section in DyorTool Discord.

You will be able to make calls in adequate section and discuss it in general.

Calls will be based on one of the 40 setups in the training.


The shared setup matches with the one described in the training
The shared setup does not match with the one described in the training
You followed this setup
You closed your position


Going through the training, you will recognize the setup called « Long 2.7 »
Refer to the corresponding setup in the training to know how to handle this trade and to avoid common mistakes

You can react to any shared setup by using one of the four emojis. By passing your mouse over an emoji you can see the names of traders who reacted with it. 

Advanced traders can guide beginners. Let’s say they reacted with the « Follow » emoji. It means that they followed the shared setup and you can see their names. They can then react with the « Exit » emoji.   

As beginners might not know how to find a good point of exit. This would help them. If everyone are doing so it might benefit to you aswell.